The Outsiders UK – Everythings Gone Vintage

East Lancashire Rock blues legends The Outsiders UK have reformed after 15 years to record a blistering album of 10 original songs.

“Everythings gone vintage” is a wry, sometimes bittersweet observation of a society obsessed with retro culture and the pitfalls of the digital age, where sharing private personal information with the world has become the norm.


The Outsiders UK – Black Shoes & Travelling TV


The Third album from Colne Lancashire based blues rock band. This one featured Vocalist Mel Outsider with a return for Mark Caffrey on bass.
New compositions with interesting subject matters caught the attention yet again of the national papers.  A groovy blues rock “Black Crowes style” tinged groove pervades and also includes ex Milltown Brothers organist Barney Williams.


The Outsiders – Ripped Shirt


With a lighter sound on this 1994 album, the band still featured Mel Outsider as the vocalist and principal writer arranger with a broader spectrum cast of players.  Instruments include violin and mandolin for the occasional track.  The press really liked the record and gave great reviews respectively (see Press).  Original guitarist and hidden gem Peter Rowlands (formerly of punk band The Pathetix) returned to a later line up and re kindled a working relationship with his old pal Mel Outsider.


The Outsiders – Skin


Lancashire Rock band The Outsiders were regulars on Radio one Alan Freeman’s Saturday rock show during the early 90s.   Skin was the debut record and featured Oldham based members John Hull, Martin Schofield and Mark Caffrey, of “Touched”, “Dragster” and “Aragorn” respectively.  Mel Outsider from Colne was the singer and principal writer and the late Martin (Brad) Bradley from Nelson was the pianist. The album received great reviews and is ever present around the world on specialist radio.


Michael Chapman – Navigation


With a career spanning 47 years, The Yorkshire guitar master virtuoso recorded this come back album for Planet in 1995.  After some years in the wilderness, Planet MD and childhood fan Adrian Melling headhunted Michael with the offer of making him a come back album to return him to his rightful place at the front of the acoustic songwriter scene in the UK.  With the help of Ray Laidlow on drums (Lindisfarne) and Rick Kemp (Steeleye Span) on bass, The press duly obliged with rave reviews for Michaels best album since the classic “Fully Qualified Survivor”.  Q magazine awarded 5 stars and named the album as top 5 folk album of the year.


Angela Costa – Soul Disease


The late New York beat poet and singer Angela Costa made just the one album before her untimely death to Cancer.  She recorded this masterpiece album in Rochdale Lancashire in 1996.  Q and Mojo plus Rock n Reel magazines considered the record to be a lyrical master class set to dark oblique rhythms and awarded 4**** reviews respectively.
Stripped down group includes, Chapman stick, Cello, violin, guitar and drums.  Heartfelt picturesque lyrics and deep melodic time signatures contribute towards our favourite title to date here at Planet HQ.


Angela Costa – Inside the Kiss


Single edit from the critically acclaimed Soul Disease album. Includes the mesmeric “Mothering Sunday”. Beautiful rhythms and sublime composition contribute to a hidden gem awaiting a rebirth of wonder.  Produced by Adrian Mel Melling.




Sentimentalists – The Next Three Floors


First single EP taken from the King Joe album. Two versions of the beautiful “I wouldn’t drown myself today” including an alternative instrumental arrangement.



Sentimentalists – King Joe


The writing of Phil Fowler and Joe Sibmaud is at the centre of the Sentimentalists sound. Beautiful arrangements and Northern wit are prevalent through the album in what could become the most engaging record of the year. Bitter-sweet melancholia with edgy near to the bone storylines on a bleak landscape of troubled waters. A roller-coaster ride of emotions and not forgetting the odd dip into comical observation. Vocal deliveries by the charismatic and downbeat Phil Fowler. Sentimentalists represent a safe and strange world, mistrustful of the future, railing against the present and misguidedly finding comfort in the bitter past.


Heads Hands and Feet – Truckers Music


More unearthed never issued before recordings of classic material from British 1970s National treasures. Released to coincide with Albert Lee 70th birthday 2014, the album features beautiful versions of classics like “Delaware” “Detroit Jones” and the haunting “Song for Suzie”. The regular classic line up includes Chas Hodges and Ray Smith.




Heads Hands and Feet – Wizz Kids


British multi instrumentalists Heads Hands and feet were the in demand session players of the late 60s early 70s and included famous British players Chas Hodges (Chas & Dave) and guitarist Albert Lee. Demanded and responsible for some of the most popular recordings of the day by the likes of Shirley Bassey and Jerry Lee Lewis, they went on to release cult albums and appeared on huge tours throughout the US and Europe. The band also included often overlooked guitarist and writer Ray Smith. These long lost recordings are available for the first time on Wizz Kids with more promised in the near future.


Heads Hands and Feet – Everybody’s Hustlin


More unearthed recordings from the vaults of HH&F guitarist Ray Smith. The regular line up with celebrity guest sessions released for the first time and never issued previously.




Poet and the One Man Band – Days I Most Remember


A one album only long lost project. The band included Jerry Donahue and Pat Donaldson who both left to form Fotheringay with Sandy Denny.  The original line up of Heads Hands and Feet were soon to emerge from this group that included Albert Lee and Ray Smith. This album also featured rock royalty as additional players with non other than James Burton/guitar. Ronnie Tutt/drums (both from Elvis Presley band). Roger Coulam and Barry Morgan (Both from Blue Mink). Max Bennett/bass (Joni Mitchell). Max Middleton/piano (Jeff Beck group). Dave Swarbrick and Dave Pegg (Fairport Convention). Dave Mattacks/drums (The Strawbs, Jethro Tull, Proclaimers, Albion Band).


Tony Crotty – Tubular Bells


Merseyside master arranger and classical guitarist Tony Crotty recorded this album for Planet in 2004.  Tony recorded a condensed and sympathetic homage to a legendary work for solo classical guitar by Mike Oldfield.   All recordings were one take only and without overdubs.  Although The Beatles remain the obsession of Tony Crotty with (more arrangements of Tony playing the fab four to follow),  This landmark recording should be enjoyed by all.


The Pathetix


Original lost recordings of DIY punk from 1978 East Lancs.  This mini album features both ep releases from the early days of Punk from this Nelson based four piece group.  The first ep was a self financed title called Alistair Crowley and the second was the only release on Manchester based TJM records. They appeared on the TJM Identity parade multi band tour which also famously included a young Mick Hucknall in the band Frantic Elevators. Both releases are very rare and still command very high prices on the collectors scene.


Kings Cross Hot Club


Gypsy guitar master Phil Grispo leads his London based international Djangoesque orchestra through a blinding set of standards and carefully selected classics.
The band includes second guitarist Bruce Beach and vocalist showgirl Katja Prudinski. Together with the expert delicate touch of piano supremo Caleb Fawcet and players of the highest pedigree, the group blaze a trail of high drama that earned this working band the highest accolades on the live circuit and BBC radio 2.  Humphrey Lyttleton said that “their really is nobody like Grispo on the planet today”.


Walter Mittys Head – Head On


Rampant on the East Lancs live scene for 25 years and still burning up a storm to the present day with the same line up.
The Link Wray style voodoo rumble is fused with a rockabilly wild abandon to conjure up a hot melt fusion for fans of edgy Wilko style r n b.
Scott Wilkinson really should be accounted for on the missing guitar slingers list.  His unique low slung feedback induced style and slide skills are like nobody else today or the past.  This is their only full album to date however they have had tracks on compilations over the years including our very own “Grit in the oyster” 1988.


35 Summers – Come Together


Widnes based and caught on the end wave of Baggy Madchester. The brain child of Liverpool imprasario Dave Pichilingi, Merseybeat from the late 80s, later signed to RCA and charting against all odds. Tours at the time with EMF and the Paris Angels contributed to the band break up. The group featured in the pages of Face magazine with honour of knowing that their T shirts had outsold any other in the country at that time. The shirts featured Bill Shankly wearing Liverpool FC shirt with 35 summers badge as the logo. John Peel was famously seen presenting top of the pops wearing this iconic shirt.


35 Summers – Fiasco


Merseyside based baggy rockers 35 Summers went on to be signed from Planet by RCA.  They recorded a cover of the Beatles Classic “Come together” for Planet records in 1989 and later returned with a new project as Fiasco 35 Summers.  This EP featured new material from Liverpool impresario mover and shaker Dave Pichiligi.  Liverpool fan Jhon Peel lauded the group and even sported a 35 Summers T shirt whilst presenting top of the pops.  These long lost recordings are issued here for the first time in 23 years.


Various Artists – Grit In The Oyster


Grit in the Oyster was our first venture into the world of making records.
We started with 12 local East Lancashire bands from the 1980s and were thrilled to attend the cutting process at The famous Abbey Road studios in 1988 for our first efforts.  The album features a very eclectic mix of groups from the time and featured unknown future celebrities, like (Paddy) the vet from “Emmerdale”. He was from Burnley and playing bass for a group on the record called Filth Patrol.  The record also included the only surviving band from the project “Walter Mittys Head”.  Other bands were The Outsiders, Junk Virgins, Slag, Into the war, Kage Engineering, Little rain, Sulphate family, Call to arms, Harry Wharton and co, Immortal.



Hate Syndicate- Round is out


Power pop punks from Burnley East Lancs. This ep features a cover of the Julian Cope classic “Trampoline”. Four piece classic line up and blazed a trail on the East Lancs scene early 90s.





Dave Gardener – Empty Dreams


Prestonian songwriter and picker Dave Gardner started out with a catalogue of Dylan covers as a young buck working player.  He began to develop his craft as a songwriter with this debut album in 1995 for Planet. Tours opening for The Kinks and Chris Kristofferson earned Dave a great reputation as a live troubador of the modern traditionalist and features as member of friend Michael Chapman’s touring band occasionally.  This set of songs from the young writer captures him with a yearning for the road and the escape routes planned out of town to the bright lights.


Corned Beef – All In It Together


Ribble valley punks with a tongue firmly in cheek approach to writing. Noisy riffs and gnarled vocals are the back bone of the modern Lancashire Punk metal scene. Featuring the infamous anti-Saville anthem “Now then Now then”.