The Outsiders UK – Everythings Gone Vintage

“Their well-produced ten-track album is a fair reflection of such live blues played then and played now. Big guitar tracks and power vocals are at the heart of ‘River Blindness’, ‘Hurricane Sister’ and across the album.” Gareth Hayes – R2 Magazine


Sentimentalists – King Joe – PlanCD32

“A striking vignette in a gloriously dramatic arrangement” Sean McGhee – R2 Magazine

“Truly Wonderful” — Mark Radcliffe – BBC Radio 2

“The genius is in the simplicity”– Andy Kershaw – BBC3

“Gritty lyrics crossed with jazzy instrumentals”– Chris beck – Maverick magazine

“Exceptional music reminds in some ways the contribution the Blockheads made to Ian Dury’s work” Ian Spafford – Stirrings magazine


Michael Chapman – Navigation – PlanCD007

“One time hero of the Harvest label returns with his best album in years” – Q Magazine Top 5 folk album of the year 1996.

“Chapman has to be the most under rated guitarist on the planet, put down the Clapton album and listen to this” – Time out

“21 albums on and hes still amazing” Sue Smith – Mojo


Angela Costa – Soul Disease – PlanCD010

“New York poet decamps to Lancashire to make album of murkily atmospheric avant folk. Clear take no crap edge in the style of her forerunner Patti Smith” Paul De Noyer – Mojo

“Freed up with touches of Laura Nyro,s soul excorcisms and some Dylanesque rambling, demanding listening and considerable beauty” Martin Aston – Q Magazine

“She has managed to create an album that manages to destroy all pre conceptions, more suspense, atmosphere and minimalism than a hundred so called press darlings could ever produce” – Sean McGee R2 Magazine


The Outsiders – Ripped Shirt – PlanCD004

“Totally bonkers but kinda cute”– Dave Ling Raw

“Down to earth boogie fired honesty” – Jim Connoly R2 Magazine

“Versatillity has no bounds” – Lyne Guy Metal Hammer

“Steve Marriot’s All or nothin is written on their body” – Marcel Hearkens De Orr Mag NL

“Tasty fiddle solo and commendable willingness to take risks” – First hearing mag.